Don’t Believe Everything You’re Told


If everyone believed what they were told, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist.  Many great artists would not have created masterpieces because they were told their work wasn’t “good enough.”   No one would have ever explored the world, because they would have continued to believe the world was flat and that their ship would fall off the earth at the horizon.


Do unto others


Recently, someone I know and who I’ve helped a great deal in the past, attacked me to others because I learned some nasty things about her family and she wrongly thought that I intended to embarrass her by sharing what I knew with other people.  At the time, I had not even thought to do that.  But she did make me think – was she only projecting what she would do onto me, or were her concerns valid?

 After I got past my initial irritation, and had given it some thought, I concluded that while there was some validity in what she feared I would do, her insecurities were largely based on the possibility that the façade of her “perfect little family” would be ruined.  She projected what she would do in my situation onto me.  Thanks to God, although I’m still a work in progress, I’m long past the point where I go “tell on others.”  Over the years, I’ve learned to mind my own business, and hope that others will not mind mine.

Do you see what I see?


Everything is relative –

I’m assertive; you’re aggressive.  I’m tenacious; he’s stubborn.  I’m frugal; but he’s just cheap.  Do you ever think how you judge other people based on your prejudices?  Do you project your fears and reactions to others?

The Unthinking

It’s amazing to me how people often form beliefs without any critical analysis of the underlying truth of their stance.  The loudest person in the room does not equate to the smartest or most discerning person in the room.